Welcome to the City of Wolverhampton Webcasting Page where you can see democracy as it happens.

The Council currently webcasts a range of meetings including Full Council and Scrutiny Board. We will be webcasting future events and public consultation meetings

What is a webcast?

A webcast is basically a transmission of audio and video over the internet. Video cameras at our council meetings capture the live information and send it to a central server, which in turn sends it to anyone what would like to view the meeting.

How do I view a webcast?

Through the use of your internet connection and Flash player you can view the meetings live from the comfort of your own home.

Webcasts allow you to see and hear the proceedings of events and meetings while they're happening and for up to six months afterwards. When viewing a meeting you may find it useful to have the agenda and reports for that meeting to hand.

Meeting archive

Should you miss a meeting, or would like to view a section of the meeting again, then you can view the archive of the webcast. The archives allow you to view the meeting at your leisure and, through the use of the index points, allow you to jump to a specific agenda point or speaker.

Searching webcasts

If the webcast you are after is older than those displayed in the recent list then please take a look at the webcasts page which features a complete list of our available archived council meetings. If you still cannot find the meeting you are looking for then please make use of the search facility. The search box in the navigation bar on each page will search through the title, description and keywords associated with a meeting and display a list of relevant meetings. Should you wish to make a more specific search (eg. title only) then you can do that through the advanced search page by entering the search terms and where you want to search on the right hand side of the page


You can also submit comments and feedback about the webcasts themselves using the feedback form provided at the bottom of each webcast page.

If you need more information or want to give us your feedback directly (good or bad)? Email democratic.services@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

Webcast overview 

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Recent Webcasts


Wed, 18th Sep 2019 - 5:45 pm

18/09/2019 5.45 pm
Council Chamber - Civic Centre, St Peter's Square, Wolverhampton WV1 1SH

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